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Sunday, March 20, 2005


The Vatican City is soon to relocate to the Community of Fremantle Western Australia.

Under the guise of the University of Notre Dame Fremantle Australia they are slowly by stealth purchasing the old heritage buildings and closing all to the public only allowing their bookworms exclusive access.

The University is also by stealth taking over the hotels. Six hotels have been redeveloped for private use. Notre Dame has bought Phillimore's and the Fremantle Hotel, holds the lease for the P&O and has moved into Cleopatra's, which is owned by the Christian Brothers. Exclusively the university uses all. For what reason can it be for the Bookworms to receive Communion?

Gone are the characters that once frequented the local watering holes. Gone are the musicians of Fremantle robbed of their livelihood and the chance to entertain the once happy community with their music.

Notre Dame state they teach as a core unit ethics well Notre Dame how about the Administration undertaking such a course and let Fremantle breath on its own again it does not need you as a life support.

Notre Dame is changing the character and heritage of Fremantle. The next move will be a name change The Vatican City of Fremantle.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Western Australian Government Departments and Insurance Companies appear to have one thing in common they both utilise what has become know as dodgy Medical Practitioners in particular Specialists to write biased reports in regard to Compensation Claims and Third Party Motor vehicle Insurance. The outcome of this is that many legitimate claims are being rejected and the public is occasioned a detriment because of the greed and lack of respect for others such Doctors hold.

It is now common practise to contact the Dodgy Brothers or recognised hired guns that will throw their ethics and beliefs aside and write a biased report for a large sum of money.

It is time for the public to stand up and be heard and fight against the corruption that is engulfing a common law right to be compensated for injury and loss.

This Suburban Bloke believes that when a person is sent to one of the Dodgy Brothers for a medical report that;
a. they are accompanied by an independent person or;
b. the whole consultation be videotaped

The above are just suggestions to a solution and there is absolutely no way that such low life Doctors can write a biased report when all is recorded. Action is in the wings and with such will come the demise and fall of Dodgy Brothers Medical Inc.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Bravest Deed Ever?

Fremantle has a number of Characters that make up this colourful culturally diverse Community. Sadly as the times they change so does the existence of these Characters who once frequented the Local Watering holes of the Community. Today’s generation appear to be losing the heritage with which they are born into. They have lost the art of listening to such Characters and passing on this history to their children. Today such Characters can be counted upon one hand a dying breed whose stories will be lost forever in time.

I remember one such Character who as he said was once a journalist for the Local Newspaper. In one of his many sojourns around the immediate area he tells the story of the bravest deed he had ever witnessed. Here is that story...can it be believed

Just out of Fremantle toward the suburb of Melville this area now with housing throughout was once an area of lush green pastures. I came upon a paddock with a rather mean looking Bull in the midst of it. A cold day and the condensation could be seen streaming from its nostrils like a Steam Train ready to set out on a journey.
What could this bull be steamed up about?

I then spied a young girl in the paddock and the Bull was ready to charge at her. I ran to the fence ready to jump it in a single bound but yes fear took hold of me at the last moment and my legs froze. The Bull was now ready and was charging toward the young girl but still I remained frozen to the spot totally useless unable to do nothing.

Suddenly out of the blue from nowhere came a man who jumped the fence and ran at the bull headon. He produced a pocket knife and took on the bull by the horns, so to speak and plunged his pocket knife deep into the Bulls heart. He then took the young girl in his arm and again placed her gently over the fence back into the safety zone.

At that particular moment my legs unfroze and I strode up to this brave man and said, “let me shake your hand that Sir, that is the bravest deed I have ever seen performed by an Australian, you are undoubtedly a true Australian Hero.” The stranger smiled replied “thank you but actually old chap I am from England a true Englishman what you Australians call a POM.

The next day the headlines in the Newspaper read “Pommie Bastard Murders Child’s Pet.”


Sunday, October 10, 2004


Dave Johnson was originally from Geelong in Victoria but having travelled this vast country found his roots and niche in the Port City of Fremantle Western Australia. Once settled in Fremantle Dave has provided the City with the Heart and Soul of Music it was once accustomed to prior to the Americas Cup which resulted in Venues and Hotels going up market and ignoring the local talent opting to satisfy the needs of the Plastic Yuppie Society.

A Western Australian based singer/songwriter of some fifteen years plus experience as a solo performer and as part of several 'Critically Acclaimed' folk/rock outfits. Dave is now performing his music solo.

Having travelled throughout Western Australia with his music Dave has found much inspiration for his songs. Dave Johnsons songs are a reflection of the people and the times he has discovered in Western Australia. Dave also delves into the history surrounding the State. Leavin Time is a compilation of 12 tracks written over several years, many which were inspired by Daves travels and/or tribulations. The CD presents the listener with a wide variety of themes whilst "retaining a common aural experience Throughout."

Dave Johnson in this Blokes opinion is one of the finest Singer/song writers today in the state of Western Australia. Dave Johnson's powerful voice and punchy guitar and tireless mandolin picking and melodies are always instantly appealing to listeners of any age. If the chance ever arises I strongly recommend that you listen to Dave Johnson live...BUT...if this is not at all possible then do yourself a favor and purchase Daves latest CD and add it to your collection.

A local flavor of highly acclaimed and talented Fremantle musicians together with the talents of Dave Johnson make this album a must to have The musician Lineup is as follows;

Dave Johnson -Vocals Guitar Mandolin and Composer

Trent "Trunk" Humphreys -Citern, Harmonium, Reason, Electric guitar

Konrad Parks -Drums

Ben Franz -Bass, Double Bass

Geordie Batey -Viola

Lucy Fisher -Violin

John "Lou" Reed -Master of the Citern

Some of the songs on Leavin Time can be downloaded at the following link. This site also provides a bio on Dave Johnson and lists his Venues and Tours etc.

Any inquires, bookings or performances Dave Johnson can be contacted on;

or telephone 0419190725


Saturday, October 09, 2004


Life in the Port City of Fremantle Western Australia had not been the same since the Rich and Famous engulfed and drowned its Heritage with the Worlds richest yacht race, "The Americas Cup" in 1984. Bourne out of the legacy of the "Rich and Famous" was the Yuppie Society with a Mission Statement to turn the City plastic and free it of the Ferrel element who once inhabited the colorful Cappuccino Strip.

Stripped of it Heritage and the Characters that made the City of Fremantle the element of Revenue by Greed became a priority on the Fremantle Councils Agenda. If you listened carefully you could hear the cogs slowly turning in the Councillors minds as to how to increase revenue in a subtle and unexpected manner. Many a long day was spent pondering this puzzle then it dawned upon the Councillors, Revenue can be effectively increased through the option of increasing Parking Costs.

Increasing the Parking Costs left the greed intent Councillors with but one main problem. What if a member of the unassuming Public sought to contend a Parking Infringement through electing to have the whole of the matter heard and determined in a Court of Law, The Fremantle Magistrates Court?

Until recently the City of Fremantle Council had their own Prosecuting Officer for all contested Parking Infringements. Such was a more than fair and equitable resolution and if the person was unsuccessful in their action the Court Costs imposed were minimal and well within the average persons means. This method was not acceptable at all to the Councillors as numerous Parking Infringements were being contested and won in the Local Court daily, and revenue was decreasing There had to be a way to stop all from contesting Parking Infringements thus in turn increasing the City of Fremantles Revenue.

In Western Australia the worst lawyers and Legal Practitioner that exist are of the class "Ambulance Chaser" pursuing those with Personal Injuries Claims. The City of Fremantle sought to introduce a new sub class to this species, the lowest of the low, real Dinosaurs for all intents and purposes. The Services of a Legal Firm were retained by the Council to pursue all prosecutions in regard to Parking Infringements being contested. Now to contest such and if unsuccessful the Court Costs once minimal, have increased to five hundred dollars plus. This has effectively prevented the normal person from contesting a Parking Infringement which in turn has placed a smile upon the face Coucillors as Revenue is now increased and uncontested.

The next in the Hierarchy of this Revenue raising scheme is the Parking Inspector. To become a Parking Inspector one must be devoid of all compassion and willing to seek out and issue an Infringement at any cost. The origin of the Inspector must be Neanderthal or lower and they must be willing to pursue an Infringement at any cost. The Law firm employed by the City of Fremantle and the Parking Inspector complimented each other you could not get any lower.

Now these Parking Inspectors are an unpredictable species, they can be often seen regularly frequenting a sex shop opposite the Fremantle Railway Station and its not for the purpose of issuing a Parking Infringement. They will stop at nothing in their quest to issue a Parking Infringement

There exits many a tale of how the Revenue raising has placed no limitations upon the Council to be honest and to acknowledge when it is wrong. Recently I heard of a person who is on a pension incurring the wrath of the Parking Inspector and the Lowest of the Low Lawyer. This persons brakes on their motor vehicle failed but they managed to stop the vehicle and park it in a Parking space designated to be a Paying Parking space. It was not this persons intent to stop and they had no money on them for which to purchase a Parking Ticket. They did out of genuine courtesy to the Council leave a note on the dashboard of the car explaining the situation.

The note on the dashboard of the car did not sway the Parking Inspector from their ultimate mission and a Parking Infringement was duly issued. The person ultimately sought to contest such in the Fremantle Magistrates Court. Yes the failure of the brakes was acknowledged as an extraordinary emergency by the Court but the case was ruled against them. The Judge held after being advised by the Lowest of the Low Lawyer that even if this was an emergency this does not excuse the person from not purchasing a ticket. The person here in this case had no intent on stopping in Fremantle and therefore did not have the change to purchase a ticket but this does not concern the Council they want every one to pay no matter what. IS this fair and equirtable the answer my friend is NO! The person had to pay an increased cost for the Parking Infringement and at least $550.00 Court Costs...when will it all stop???

Its about time the Infringing Infrigers were put in their place and the City of Fremantle released from its shackles and bonds of the Councillors and returned to the Public the real people that make up this culture and society.